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Most of the car insurance companies develop their own products and sell them to customers through various channels; this creates a sort of confusion in a customers mind and often ends up buying a wrong car policy. What if there is a company, which filters out the best policies and that too at best rates and offers it to you? Bradford & Bingley Car Insurance is the name you should look out for.

Bradford & Bingley Car Insurance

Cheap Insurance tips

Bradford & Bingley Plc is the bank with its headquarters at Bingley, which offers a myriad of financial services to its customers. As far as car insurance is concerned, Bradford & Bingley acts as a broker to bring the best products to their customers. Since the company does not have any of its products, in order to satisfy its customers. The company has to rely on finding out the best products from the market. For this, Bradford & Bingley employs a specialised task force, which is constantly on the lookout for products which not only offer the best rates but also fit into the needs of its privileged customers.

Just to emphasise the point of savings made by purchasing car policies through Bradford & Bingley, the company in 2008 had conducted a research to estimate the savings made by the customer of Bradford & Bingley. In their research, it was concluded that almost 10 per cent of the people who bought policies from Bradford & Bingley was able to save around ₤150 annually on their car insurance policies.

Best policy and  Best price

Though going to the office of Bradford & Bingley and talking to the agent will help you in getting the best policy at best price, you still can save around five per cent if you choose to buy the Compare Car Insurance policy from Bradford & Bingley online. A little bit of work would be required on your part, but it would be worthwhile. If you are not sure, then just walk into any of their branches. And call their toll free number to get instant quotes on car insurance policies.

Car claims product line of the company includes – comprehensive, third party only and third party fire and theft. Apart from regular benefits in all these policies. Residents of UK travelling to European countries get a free cover for sixty days. In case the car of the customer gets damaged and is in for repairs. Bradford & Bingley Car Insurance provides a free replacement car for a period of seven days. If you want to know more about the company and its products, visit

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