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One of the leading car insurance service providers of UK, BUDGET Car Insurance sells insurance products of 20 different companies as an intermediary. Car policies sold by BUDGET Insurance can mean savings up to ₤156 for its customers.

The company does this by scanning car policies from 20 companies that it has tie-ups with. And then offering the customer the one which is best suited and best priced. Usually, all of the car insurance products sold by the company come with benefits like windscreen cover in excess of ₤75. This is a free and automatic cover of 60 days. Whenever a UK resident, who has purchased a policy from BUDGET travels to Europe, pre-approved. And guaranteed claim repairs for three years, round the clock emergency support and courtesy car. It is car provided by the company in case the insured car is under repair and you do not have a replacement for it.

Budget Car Insurance

The company offers three types of Compare Car Insurance products.

  1. Third party cover
  2. Third party fire
  3. Theft cover and comprehensive cover

The company gives unlimited cover for accidental death or injury caused to some other person due to the accident caused by the car. In case of damage to property in the United Kingdom due to an accident. The company pays a liability cover up to ₤20 million. This also includes liability arising due to towing of vehicles. Of course, medical expenses arising out of the use of cars are also included in this policy.

Budget Car Insurance

Third party fire and theft cover are as simple as its name. It offers cover for damages caused due to fire car or damages caused during the attempted theft and in case of theft. Comprehensive cover includes all of the above-mentioned covers. Apart from that, cover for accidental and malicious damages are also included in comprehensive car insurance. Over and above these covers, additional assurance shields given are – loss or damage to personal belongings (up to ₤100). In-car entertainment systems (up to ₤500), glass cover for windshields and window panes, death or injury. And cover (up to ₤5000 fora driver, his immediate family), medical expenses due to accident and damages to accessories of the car. To know more about the company, its products, and its contact details and other things, logon to budgetinsurance.com

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