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Some things in life hold much more important than just their materialistic fulfilment. A car is one of those things. A nice car insurance policy helps you in keeping all the possible risks at bay. If these policies can be secured at flexible pricing and competitive discounting, the joy increases even further.

Lloyds TSB Car Insurance



The Lloyds TSB car insurance policies offer great features such as 24-hours. After that helpline for covering accidents, availability of a courtesy car. When the insured car is being repaired at an approved repair shop, Green Flag Motoring. And as Assistance Cover at discounted rates, no claim related bonus till 65% for a period of five years. Comprehensive overnight accommodation facility cover for helping customers deal with post-accident stranding. European cover of up to 90 days and providing a new car. If it gets written off during accident within one year.

Along with these features, Lloyds TSB customers also get to enjoy free car insurance for two months. When the policy is bought online followed by a monthly free insurance every time the policy is renewed. Non-customers can also avail 10% discount if the policy is bought online. The discount is applied during each renewal as well for the policy’s lifetime. The calculation of this discount is done after excluding breakdown and legal cover, and insurance-related premium tax.

Other Services

Lloyds TSB policies understand that the decision of purchasing a particular policy is not all that straightforward. For facilitating this decision making, Lloyds TSB Insurance provides its online visitors with comparison services. This service helps in comparing insurance quotes of more than 50 car insurance. The 50 car insurance providers like Admiral, More Than and Norwich Union. This service also allows customers to get a look at the policy. And benefits as well as the service rating of the customer too. Online calculators are also available for seeking instant quotes of these policies.

All car insurance policies sold by Lloyds TSB bank are authorized and regulated by Financial Services Authority as well. Lloyds TSB bank is one of the biggest and most reputed financial institutions of U.K. Car insurance operations of Lloyds TSB have grown quite a lot in the last 10 years. Thereby making it a force to reckon with in the Compare Car Insurance market. In this market segment and the influence appears to be growing even further. If you want to know more about Lloyds TSB. And their wide range of impressive insurance offerings.

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