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An ideal insurance policy is one that provides cover not only in its region. But elsewhere, as well as risks, are just about everywhere. Marks and Spencer car insurance is one such product that provides this unique facility.

Marks and Spencer Car Insurance


The insurance is available in three different forms. They are comprehensive, third party and theft and third party fire. If the policy is bought online, customers get rewarded with a free breakdown cover as well as 1,000 M&S; points. A 10 per cent discount is also provided on purchasing the policy online. The breakdown cover is applicable in U.K as well as the European region. The European cover is very much a part of the entire package. And not optional as is the case with other Compare Car Insurance providers. The breakdown cover looks after all the onward travel expenses when the insured vehicle cannot be quickly repaired. In case the vehicle is required to be left behind, the cover provides services to collect and drop the vehicle at your home as well.

The policy also provides a Motor Legal Protection worth £100,000 as well as a key-care cover worth up to £1,000. For ensuring keys, new locks, and other locksmith services. A spare car can be hired for a period up to 14 days after fire, accident or theft. Courtesy cars can also be availed by Marks and Spencer car insurance customers if their insured car is getting repaired by an M&S; approved repairer. Such a repair service is guaranteed for a period of three years.

Other Benefits

The application procedure for securing a Marks and Spencer car insurance is relatively simple as no forms are required to be filled. The telephone service is accessible at any point in time for querying about all claims-related issues. Customers are also provided with a Green card so that they can go on unlimited foreign trips with each trip allowed to extend up to 90 days. Quotes of various policy options can be found on the website. So that one can decide which policy would work best varying from one person to another. Policy-related payments could be done through direct debit, debit card as well as credit card.

Marks and Spencer is one of the world’s most reputed food and clothing brand. The Marks and Spencer car insurance business falls under the gamut called Marks and Spencer Money. For knowing more about their services and products.

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