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It’s not every now and then that quality services are offered at affordable prices. But, with More Than Car Insurance, it has become quite a frequent reality.

More Than Car Insurance


The insurance package includes a 50% discounted breakdown cover that can be widely divided into four levels. This includes breakdown assistance for dealing with an on-road breakdown in U.K. This break down while starting from home and cover for European travel. 24-hour helplines are made available to customers wanting to seek expert advice on medical and legal issues post accidents.

They are also provided with a free courtesy car until the time their insured vehicle is being repaired by a company-approved repairer. This repair service is provided in the comprehensive cover only. If the customer does not make a claim for a period spanning more than four years. They get a chance of protecting their no claims bonus for their entire lifetime. It is also guaranteed that the premium or no claims bonus does not get changed. And after a claim has been made until and unless a proper review is not conducted of the same.

Customers, more than 20 years of age and having a license. For more than past 1 year can apply online for getting a 10% discount. During the first year and a 20% discount in the 2nd year if no claims have been made till then. The no claims discount can be as high as 65%. Some other standard benefits that are packed with More Than Car Insurance. More than Car insurance are the free cover for stereo and personal belongings. Lifetime guarantee on paint repairs and all bodywork and windscreen repair and replacement.

More than Car Insurance for Women

Woman’s insurance includes additional services like priority emergency protection. When travelling with children or alone, free replacement of child seats after accidents. And checks of vehicle history as well as female friendly garages. Female customers should properly check the details of all these services so they find it easier to decide upon the weather. More Than Car Insurance suits their purpose or not. One can compare the quotes of various other Compare Car Insurance products as well for making this decision.

More Than Car Insurance is an extremely huge and reputed U.K insurance company. They get uniquely identified because of the never-ending quest of introducing. Because some of the best insurance products every now and then into the market. For knowing more about its services and products.

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