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Transparency and comprehensiveness are two of the Thirdly, and most importantly selling parameters of any insurance policy. The MG Car Insurance policy offers exactly this and much more.

MG Car Insurance

How it’s Different?

MG is an extremely reputed car brand in U.K with a rich history and name backing it. Owners of MG cars often a complaint but when it comes to getting insurance for their cars as not all the insurance. And providers guarantee repairs of MG cars with true MG parts and MG technicians at MG approved repair shops. Thereby compromising on the safety standards and future value of the car. This is where the importance of MG Car Insurance comes into the picture. It guarantees MG car repairs through MG specialist body shops having genuine MG parts and technicians.  It also includes a free injury cover worth £50,000 for the driver as well as passengers.

Such high-level cover is rarely provided by any of the other insurers or Compare Car Insurance brokers. Their covers usually ranging between £2,500 and £5,000. A £250 cover over personal belongings, £500 cover over medical treatment and £500 cover against wrong fuel are other benefits of MG Car Insurance policy.

Additional Benefits

Other impressive features of an MG Car Insurance policy are complete comprehensive coverage. For EU countries as standard, free recovery of broken down cars to MG repair shops. And assistance for facilitating the passengers to reach home safely. Body shop repair completions lead to the Euro NCAP ratings remaining intact. Thereby maintaining a good resale value and appeal of the car.

Courtesy cars are provided to clients in case of all non-fault and fault accidents on the condition. That the repairing work is done at an MG authorised shop. If the insured car gets stolen or written-off during an accident within 1 year of purchase registration a replacement car is provided. The policy includes windscreen repairs and vandalism cover without affecting the no-claims discount.

In conclusion thirdly, and most importantly preferential rated cover for MG Track Day is also available with MG Car Insurance. If the driver has ARDS and MSA recognition. A no-claims discount can be taken on an optional basis for keeping the policy discounts safe. £500 worth satellite-aided navigation equipment. In conclusion,  fixed car phone and Finely a stereo cover is also included in MG Car Insurance policy.

If you are interested in knowing more about MG and its rich history and services, make an effort to explore its official website at You shall definitely come across a lot of things that appeal to you.

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