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In the car industry, clients always want to have that kind of an insurance policy. For their car, which offers good coverage at friendly premiums. Motor Trade Car Insurance does just that by providing a wide range of options having excellent premiums.

Motor Trade Car Insurance

Types of Policies

Motor Trade Car Insurance policies can be broadly categorized into three types. The namely liability insurance, road risks policy, and comprehensive insurance. Liability insurances cover third person damages occurring during accidents by insured cars. The road risks policy is a form of the third party only policy. And protects the policyholder from damages during on-road driving or when the car is parked. The comprehensive policy provides wide coverage including road risks, personal accidents, employer’s liability, service, and sales liability and equipment. Third party, fire, and theft as well as combined insurance policy are two other options. Falling under the Motor Trade Car Insurance family.


Motor Trade Car Insurance policies do not provide coverage for speed listing. And racing cars as well as cars being used for carrying goods on a rent basis. All other kinds of high performance, vintage, classic, veteran and light commercial cars can be insured. Special premiums are awarded to drivers having a clean and safe driving record. For acquiring the insurance, the candidate must have a proof showing at least 1 year. For the  U.K residency, a driver’s license, clean police record and age between 25-70 years.

The policyholder should also not indulge in exporting or importing vehicles. Policyholders are also not allowed to lease any of their personal or business cars. Also, for securing this insurance, it must be proofed that. Because none of the to-be-insured business or personally owned cars is disabled.

Motor Trade Car Insurances are tailor-made for firms or individuals in Motor Trade industry. The requiring insurance for protecting their business or personal vehicles. This Compare Car Insurance policy allows them to operate cars on roads or park them at business premises or home. Under the Motor Trade provisions, including personal vehicles used for domestic, pleasure and social purposes only. Hence, it can be seen that though most of the Motor Trade insurances make for worthy purchases. You must make sure that they are priced effectively and are considerably convenient as far as your preferences are concerned.

There are a number of insurers offering Motor Trade Car Insurance policies. With a little bit of online shopping, it will not be long before you get to your preferred policy.

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