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Have you heard of a Compare Car Insurance provider that has a reputation for being recommended by others? Its customers to their family members or friends for nine out of every ten cases? It surely does sound a rare possibility but for Nationwide Car Insurance, this is its truth.

Nationwide Car Insurance

Benefits and Features

Nationwide car insurance allows you to save up to £185 as compared to other online car insurance quotes. Its claim services, Nationwide Blue Ribbon, are widely reputed for its high level of effectiveness in claims processing. When customers choose a Nationwide Blue Ribbon approved shop. All the repairs are accompanied by a written guarantee. On the condition that the car is either leased or owned on your name. Repair updates can be seen online as well through the help of AutoWatch online facility.

Nationwide car insurance offers a no claim discount up to 65%. It is over 70% for customers more than 50 years old. Impressive discounts can be secured if car insurance is bought either in combination with. Some other insurance like Home insurance or if it is bought in bulk. Similar impressive discount options are available in cases of anti-theft device installations, accident prevention training, long-term policy holding and a clean. Accident-free driving record for a certain number of years varying from policy to policy.

The insurance coverage includes a £20,000,000 injury or damage liability to the third party. The personal accident related benefits up to £10,000 and a new car replacement case the insured car is written off during an accident within its first year of operation itself.

Additional Options

Some other Nationwide Car Insurance benefits include a European cover for up to 180 days. And 100% guarantee on the repair with the condition that the car is personally owned. Because of the availability of courtesy car during the time when the insured car is getting repaired, rescue. And breakdown services availability of wide range of payment options. Customers can take help of car insurance comparison services available on the website. For checking car insurance policies of other providers and determining the suitability of Nationwide to their purpose. This also includes the widely renowned On Your Side reviews of Nationwide. That help in choosing the coverage and discount options suitable for you. But it also helps you in managing your deductibles.

Nationwide Car Insurance policies are provided by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited. For knowing more about the services and products offered by Nationwide.

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